Tabling for your Project, Organization, Shop or Self at UCIR's Living Without Borders 2009

UCIR's Living Without Borders / Viviendo Sin Fronteras encuentro will bring together hundreds of activists and members of the community for meeting, networking, talking, learning, organizing, and taking action around freedom, human rights and dignity for all im/migrants.

As part of our mission to make connections within the community and with social justice struggles, we will make part of the conference space available for individuals and groups to set up tables — for artists, craftspeople, vendors, activists, organizers, community groups, and artistic, cultural, or political projects in our own communities. If you're interested in tabling at Living Without Borders this year, either as a vendor or with information about your project, we ask that you fill out this registration form so that we can get an idea of how many people to expect, what we need to do to help you get set up with tabling space, and whether we will need to rent tables.

You can sign up instantly online using this form.

Tabling sign-up form

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Contacts List
Contact list:

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Are you planning to register for / attend the rest of the encuentro?

(For details on the events going on at the rest of the conference, see our schedule and workshops.)


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Setup needs

Will you have any special needs for setting up your table, such as wall space, electrical outlets, etc.?

Anything Else?
Anything Else?

Is there anything else we need to know from you? Any questions that you need answered by us?

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